Ecoreco: A Torchbearer of the E-Waste Recycling Revolution in India and Beyond

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Stepping into the digital age, technology has become integral to our lives. Yet, with each new device comes an accumulation of outdated ones that are no longer functioning, leading to an international e-waste crisis that is often disregarded by those who are distant from the matter. In actuality, many are unaware of the magnitude of e-waste produced annually and how much of it is discarded into landfills or incinerated, and its hazardous impacts on the environment.

Ecoreco aims to change it all.

Ecoreco is an industry-leading company that is dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection. They reclaim, process, and recycle e-waste from around the globe and have developed an innovative approach for reusing and repurposing waste into valuable materials.

As India’s premier e-waste management company, they set the standard for responsible disposal practices. Recognizing the need for safe and responsible solutions for e-waste management, it is a reliable partner for all your e-waste management requirements. Committed to sustainability, Ecoreco strives to go above and beyond to protect our planet.

Being a pioneering force in the quest for a greener, more sustainable world. It has set a blueprint for turning waste into usable products and creating jobs that protect our planet. By introducing innovative technology and working with the community, It is proving that businesses can have a positive impact on both the environment and its people.

Through this story, we wish to be an impetus for others to take action similar to Ecoreco and become the force for positive change in the world.

To understand their tactics and journey, we had the pleasure of sitting with B.K. Soni and having a delightful conversation.

Protecting the Environment for a Sustainable Future

Ecoreco, India’s pioneering E-waste Recycling Company, started in January 2005 and introduced the concept of electronic waste management in the country. Prior to this, informal scrap merchants were responsible for collecting and dismantling e-waste.

As the only company in the WEEE industry in India listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, it is dedicated to safeguarding the environment and ensuring a sustainable future. Moreover, they have been authorized by the government to manage e-waste recycling services under the Environment Protection Act and the E-waste Management Rules, with a mission to help protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future for all.

Reusing and Reducing are integral parts of life in India, where per capita income is usually low. After multiple uses, people often sell their discarded items to informal waste workers for money. Unfortunately, because of a lack of knowledge or access to technology, these informal players are unable to properly recycle these items and take care of the ecology and environment. This is where Ecoreco has come in, introducing a third R, Recycling, which has been missing from the equation. With its innovative and sustainable solutions, it can now ensure that these discarded items are recycled to help preserve our planet.

K. Soni was lucky enough to participate in a number of Conferences & Exhibitions in the USA, UK, Germany, and other countries, wherein he had the opportunity to interact with and gain insight from a variety of prosperous global recyclers who generously shared their knowledge and expertise, even allowing him to visit their facilities. This cumulative knowledge enabled the founding of India’s first professional e-waste management company, Ecoreco, in Mumbai. Proud to state that Ecoreco strictly adheres to all legal and environmental regulations – both within their facility and while performing tasks on clients’ sites – they have also introduced several cost-effective and eco-friendly technologies and methodologies. This is what makes Ecoreco stand out from the rest.

B.K.Soni: Turning Vision in to Reality

B.K.Soni is the Chairman and Managing Director of Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) and the driving force behind the company’s success. With Mr. Soni’s leadership, Ecoreco has become India’s leading e-waste management company with a strong presence across the nation. He is focused on developing strategic growth initiatives and building a talented team of professionals. After establishing a strong B2B segment, Mr. Soni is now working on expanding the B2C model to reach individual generators of e-waste and familiarise them with the benefits of scientific recycling and its direct benefit on the health of all.

Recognized as a visionary and expert in e-waste management, Mr. Soni was one of the first to identify the potential of the Indian E-waste Management industry back in 2005. Since then, he has been responsibly leading the growth of the industry and introducing global best practices in India. As a pioneering thought leader in e-waste management, his insights and expertise are often sought after by industry players, policymakers, regulators, and government functionaries. Mr. Soni is truly at the forefront of the Indian e-waste management industry.

He is an esteemed Cost Accountant from The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI). He has been actively engaged with various industry associations, as well as part of the Expert Group on E-waste Management constituted by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. His keen intellect and outstanding moral character fuel his belief that India can be a leader in e-waste management; due to economical recycling costs, capacity utilization can be maximized.

India produces an estimated 3 million M.T. of e-waste each year, with the potential to reach 5 million MT by 2025. Ecoreco recognizes the expanding demands posed by this growing volume and is committed to providing dynamic solutions to take advantage of the urban mining of natural resources from WEEE.

Ecoreco’s State-of-the-Art WEEE Recycling Facilities

Ecoreco’s WEEE Recycling facility offers a comprehensive end-to-end process for e-waste. Certified by the Central Pollution Control Board and authorized by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board as India’s very first recycling Company, this secure procedural guarantee, environmental protection, and maximum resource recovery from electronic devices at the end of their life.

Ecoreco is a member of the Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI), the largest representative body of Recyclers in India with more than 1200 Members. Mr. Soni is also a Director on the MRAI Board. Ecoreco’s WEEE Recycling processes are ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, 27001, and R2 accredited. Leveraging its own technology for recovering precious metals, Ecoreco can extract valuable materials such as copper, aluminum, silver, and gold from complex electronic scraps.

The facility boasts a cutting-edge de-manufacturing line, integrating both automated and manual methods for sorting, dismantling, and shredding e-waste. Ecoreco’s services consist of: • Decommissioning of WEEE & Documentation • Packing & Transportation • Data Destruction off-site • ITAD Services • Data Destruction on Wheels on-site • E-waste Recycling • Lamp Recycling • Skill Development • BookMyJunk Mobile App • Install Collection Boxes • Set up Collection Centers • Collection Vans • Recycling on Wheels-SmartER • Assisting EPR, CSR & ESG Obligated Corporates • Provide services in more than 100 Countries to Global Clients.

Clients of Ecoreco trust for sure that their environmental compliance and data security are in safe hands. With Ecoreco as their partner, clients can be rest assured that their business is fully compliant and their reputation is secure, providing the assurance that their environmental requirements and data security are in the safest of hands. Ecoreco’s unique Data Destruction on Wheels Facility, which has been up & running since 2008 and has won Gold Medal from DST, Lockheed Martin & FICCI provides all three services of Delete-Degauss-Destroy on & off-site and provides on-the-spot proof of destruction with complete details of the devices destroyed is availed by several BFSI, MNCs, & others across the nation.

Ecoreco’s “Recycling on Wheels-SmartER” Program

Ecereco is dedicated to safeguarding the environment and preserving natural resources. To guarantee a superior quality of air, water, and soil, they advocate setting up additional recycling centers to decrease the amount of waste. Their main focus is to relentlessly strive for environmental sustainability and support responsible resource management.

Ecoreco has taken a giant stride in helping to achieve the desired goal of proper e-waste management with the launch of its “Recycling on Wheels-SmartER” program. This innovative solution takes care of “Training-Transport- Technology on Board” by providing informal workers with the necessary upskilling, transport for e-waste and the ability to shred e-waste on board, as opposed to their current pollution-causing practices.

This latest innovation by them has been recommended in the Advisory for E-waste Management issued by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor-PSA (Under the Prime Minister ’s Office in India) to the Smart Cities.

Ecoreco recently received the most “Prestigious Recognition and Certification” when Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, mentioned Ecoreco and its innovative mobile application BookMyJunk in his latest Mann Ki Baat (Monthly radio communication with the nation) on January 29, 2023. This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the Ecoreco team.

Revolutionizing India’s E-Waste Recycling Industry

The growth and progression of the e-waste recycling industry in India have been intrinsically linked to Ecoreco, a leader in paving the way for the e-waste recycling revolution. Ensuring the secure and safe disposal of e-waste has a direct, beneficial effect on the environment, ecology, sustainability, and circularity. In today’s world, no country can contemplate resource sustainability without recycling and circularity. Therefore, Ecoreco has become an indispensable part of the e-waste recycling industry in India and will always be remembered for instigating this revolution.

In 2007-08, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board formed an Expert Group of 7 Members, with B. K. Soni as the only Member representing the E-waste recycling industry amongst Government and NGO Members. Four years later, the MMRDA (Maha Mumbai Regional Development Authority) invited bids for the setting up of an E-waste Recycling Facility in Mumbai. Of the 17 entities that took part in the pre-bid meeting, Ecoreco emerged as the only successful bidder that satisfied the Technical criteria of the tender.

Since April 2008, the introduction of the first E-waste Guidelines in India and the subsequent E-waste Management Rules from 1st April 2023, Mr. B. K. Soni has actively championed provisions that benefit the industry. His commitment to responsible e-waste disposal has been key in advancing sustainability for the future.

The time is near when India’s stakeholders will recognize and appreciate the revolutionary program launched by Ecoreco. This program encourages end users to dispose of their “E-waste Not for Money, but for the Environment.” To make this process easier and more convenient, they have launched the BookMyJunk Mobile App, and a fleet of vehicles is traveling across Mumbai’s roads to collect and scientifically shred e-waste right at the user ’s doorstep to avoid misuse of data, resale of devices, devices of arm forces, Tax Authorities, safeguarding proprietory technologies etc. Join us as we strive to make India’s environment healthier and greener.

Ensuring Safety and Security in the Waste Management & Recycling Industry

In the same way that other industries require safety measures, the waste management and recycling sector is no different. Recycling is an industry and needs to be treated as such. Thus, relevant safety guidelines must be adhered to.

This includes ensuring efficient, safe, and secure recycling processes, safety equipment, health insurance, a clean and safe environment, protected machinery, regular repairs and maintenance, subject matter training, mock drills, firefighting training, and first aid assistance. These precautions guarantee that the recycling processes are effective, safe, and secure.

Overcoming Challenges to Revolutionize Electronic Waste Recycling

Four major challenges have been and will continue to be present in this industry for years to come. He calls them the 4Ls – Legislation, Liability, Logistics, and Liquidity.

  1. Enforcing stricter adherence to the Legislation and Rules among the 1.4 billion people in the country is not a simple task. Businesses, producers, and other end users are expected to comply with these standards.
  2. The primary liability of collecting and recycling e-waste falls to producers under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regime. Despite this, environmental and ecological concerns remain due to the ongoing informal activity.
  3. Logistic costs, including those for recycling, are a significant factor in the overall costs of recycling, making it difficult for developed countries to recycle lowvalue items and for developing countries to formalize e-waste management. This is the major reason why the situation remains challenging.
  4. Liquidity (Investment readiness) in the sector is still not viewed as a necessity in terms of societal and environmental responsibility.

Revolutionizing India’s Recycling Industry

Through their commitment to innovation, they have developed the most suitable and efficient techniques and technologies to provide affordable local solutions for both individuals and businesses. Their tailored solutions are designed to ensure people get the most value from their e-waste while also helping to safeguard the environment. With their commitment to revolutionizing India’s recycling industry, they are working hard to make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute to a greener future.

With their unwavering commitment to raising awareness and making a positive impact in their industry, they have invested heavily in Awareness Cum Action Drives, including the installation of Eco-Bins, Collection Centers, and Talk Shows. As a result of their efforts, the industry has experienced a higher level of understanding and a greater commitment to sustainability. Their dedication and hard work have ensured that their industry continues to prioritize sustainability and environmental well-being.

They treat EPR (Environment Protection Responsibility) and CSR (Citizens’ Social Responsibility) as tools to transform the current practice of selling e-waste for monetary gain and spending several times more on medical expenses. By encouraging responsible disposal of e-waste, they strive to reduce environmental damage and create a healthier society. This is a sustainable approach that has not only a positive impact on the environment but also benefits citizens and businesses alike.

Fulfilling Socio-Environmental Responsibilities

Ecoreco was set up with the mission to deliver on the social and environmental duties of its customers. Their ‘Environment Friendly-Customer First’ mentality is what has allowed them to be successful for the last two decades, with clients ranging from MNCs, NBFCs, Software Giants, and IT-Telecom-White Goods Producers choosing them for their services. This core principle is the driving force behind Ecoreco’s existence.

If readers broaden their vision to look beyond customerspecific compliances, they will agree that the role of the Waste Management and Recycling Industry is currently the most significant, not only for safeguarding our environment from un-environmentally friendly hazardous waste handling but also for recycling and replenishing otherwise depleting natural resources for a cleaner and greener climate and sustainable future.

Transform India’s Waste Management Scenario with Ecoreco

Ecoreco and its 100% subsidiary, Ecoreco Enviro Education Pvt Ltd, are committed to two important CSR projects in India – Waste Management and Skill Development. Through their partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation, Government of India, they provide comprehensive Skill Development Courses to Informal Waste Workers and Aspirants who see great potential for a career in the Waste Management & Recycling Industry. These courses are designed to give participants the best possible training and education in these fields.

Soni is convinced that until Waste Workers (domain experts) understand their obligations to Health-Safety-Environment and how to address these issues, there will be no significant change in India’s Waste Management and the pollution it causes. Ecoreco suggests its clients to dedicate some of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for waste management & upskilling, over and above its typical profit making investments in Health and Education. By doing so, they can make sure that the Waste Workers have the resources required for a brighter and cleaner future.

From E-Waste Recyclers to Environment-Conscious E-Waste Warriors

The journey of E-waste Recycling began with the birth of Ecoreco in India, and since then, they have introduced several innovations that have kept up with the evolution of the E-waste Management industry. In addition, many of these innovations have been adopted by their competitors.

For the past 18 years, Ecoreco has remained at the forefront of environmental responsibility, providing reliable and dependable services that meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. Their commitment to excellence has enabled them to continually exceed expectations. They take pride in the trust their clients place in them.

The “Junk Se Jung” campaign, part of BookMyJunk’s 5- year plan, seeks to transform Money Conscious E-waste Sellers into Environment Conscious E-waste Warriors by 2028. To assist this mission, a free mobile app (available for iOS and Android) and website,, has been created to enable citizens and businesses to register and get e-waste collected from their doorstep and that too free of charge.

BookMyJunk aims to support 5 million Environment Conscious E-waste Warriors every year through its mobile app and 100 “Recycling on Wheels-SmartER” Facilities. These facilities have been recommended for implementation by the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Smart Cities of India and have been tested, trusted and foud to be trouble-free.

Ecoreco’s Powerful Reverse Logistics System

Ecoreco has a fleet of trucks and containers, in addition to partnerships with top logistics companies to support its mission of returning raw materials to industries without further depletion of mines. This powerful reverse logistics system will encourage the formal recycling of e-waste, thus making them confident that this mechanism will stop informal and hazardous disposal, protecting human health and the environment.

Hence, it is committed to expanding its collection points spread over to the nation in an organized fashion. To meet EPR obligations, it provides a three-tier architecture with last-mile collection points, city-level dismantling centers and national-level recycling centers. As the first Indian company, they are aiming to create a unified reverse logistics network to ensure the efficient collection of e-waste from end consumers nationwide.

Secure Your Data

Handover of Data Devices, such as Hard Drives, Media tapes, Flash drives, etc., is a major challenge for any organization when disposing I.T. Equipment. These Data Devices contain confidential information of the company, its clients, and personal/ secret information of staff, thus requiring the complete sanitization or destruction of all data before handing over.

Thus, their world-class services of data deletion, degaussing, and destruction help clients eliminate fear, meet their data security policies, and provide tailored solutions for data destruction. Utilizing their innovative onsite mobile shredding facility, clients can be sure that their confidential data is destroyed 100% and that they are safeguarded against data leakage. In this way, their comprehensive services of data destruction offer clients peace of mind, safeguards them from paying millions of dollars as penalty and assures that their data is completely destroyed and beyond recovery.

Partnering with Ecoreco to meet EPR Obligation

Ecoreco develops customized e-waste collection & recycling systems incorporating Awareness Drives, Evidence-Based Collection, Mobile App for seamless order for collection, Collection Boxes, Door to Door Collection Vans, etc., that strike the ideal balance between cost, convenience, and compliance. Its incredibly effective take- back and recycling program, which is adapted to the demands and specifications of various producers and manufacturers, guarantees the appropriate handling of end-of-life electronic devices. They contribute to the development of the ideal e-waste recycling program using their skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, the recycling and disposal methods used by them aim to protect the environment and public health from any potential problems resulting from poor e-waste management. Hence, they assist their clients in maintaining their position at the top and achieving excellence through their cutting-edge e-waste recycling facility and procedures that adhere to international environmental standards, their CSR, EPR & ESG initiatives.

Serving Global Clients in 100+ Countries

Providing excellent services to telecom, I.T., medical equipment manufacturers, the BFSI segment, the software industry’s leading companies and more, they are actively present in over 100 countries via their reliable recycling partners. These partners are fully compliant with local regulations and work towards helping their customers attain their sustainability objectives while minimizing their environmental impact. Through their worldwide presence and quality service, they are devoted to making the planet a better place.

Potential Opportunity

With the stricter implementation of the EPR Regime in India, the demand of E-waste Recycling Services in India is growing very rapidly. Ecoreco is enhancing infrastructure, advanced technologies for ITAD, Data Destruction, Recycling, Refining, Reverse Logistic and Automation to accommodate the growing expectations of its current and new clients.

Ecoreco is open to discuss with global Recycling & ITAD Companies for Joint Venture & Strategic Investors to raise funds for both organic & inorganic growth to participate in this $ 4 billion industry in India, having potential to grow far rapidly because of incremental demand of digital devices and digitisation in the World’s fastest growing economy.

Awards and Recognition

  • The only E-waste Recycling Company to win a Gold Medal from the Department of Science & Technology, FICCI, Lockheed Martin, USA.
  • The only E-waste Recycling Company to win the prestigious Business Plan award from CII/ NVI/ WRI
  • The 1 E-waste Recycling Company to win the Environment and Clean Energy Track award from Sankalp
  • The 1 E-waste Recycling Company to win the Niche Market Player Award from Frost & Sullivan
  • Award for the best E-waste Recycling Company.